Rules & Safety

We want everyone to have fun and be safe!  To that end, our Zombie Response Team will be positioned throughout the course – please don’t make them escort you off the course.  Here are the rules:
  1. There should be no intentional physical contact between humans (runners/walkers) and zombies during the race.
  2. Humans may not hide their flags.  All flags must be worn clearly as intended to give zombies a chance to grab them.
  3. The race starts promptly at 8:00 AM and all humans should plan to finish the race no later than 9:30 AM.
  4. Sorry, no 4-legged friends are allowed on the course.  Only service animals fully trained for an apocalypse will be allowed.
  5. We feel it’s best to warn you that this race may not be best suited for young children who may be frightened by zombies. Some of the terrain will be bumpy and uneven (think old gravel alleys).
  6. It’s a zombie event, which, by nature is somewhat scary.  The zombies will not chase or tackle humans (zombies move slowly).  But, at times, humans may feel trapped by a herd, or it may get crowded as humans try to get past the zombies.  Again, we caution runners/walkers to be considerate of others — no pushing, shoving or hitting other participants or zombies will be tolerated.


  1. Zombies will only take one flag at a time
  2. There will be no intentional physical contact between zombies and humans
  3. Zombies will never intentionally obstruct humans on the course